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Programs at Cobequid Dance Academy

Your Dance Adventure Begins Here!
Mother and Baby

Parent & Tot

For children ages 18 months to 3 years. Our program focuses on introducing children to the world of movement through games, stories and songs. Children will be encouraged to learn at their own pace with the guidance and support of their parent/guardian in partnership with the class instructor.

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Early Childhood Movement

A range of classes for ages 3-5 that focus on introducing children to the world of dance and music through songs, games and simple exercises with an emphasis on creative expression and fun. Classes develop students' physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This strong foundation prepares students for a successful transition to classical ballet and other dance genres.

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ballet students

Recreational Ballet

For students age 5 and above, these classes provide a broad practical dance education, progressively developing the technical, musical and performance skills of the student. Classes incorporate Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Character/Folk Dance. Classical Ballet is the core of the curriculum.

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two ballet dancers on stage

Ballet Exam Preparatory 


CDA’s Exam Preparatory (EP) Program is for students who wish to train toward participation in Royal Academy of Dance exams. Admission into this program is by audition only (or faculty recommendation). RAD training and exams are only available at schools with a Registered Royal Academy of Dance Educator

Students in this program also benefit from training in Progressing Ballet Technique which focuses specifically on core strengthening, weight placement and alignment.

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Contemporary Modern

For ages 7 and up, CDA’s Contemporary Dance Program offers training in the Rambert Grades syllabi with an option for students to participate in exams. The Rambert Grades work will provide students with the skills and foundation to pursue contemporary dance at a post-secondary and/or professional level.

The aims of the graded syllabus are that participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of safe contemporary technique 

  • Draw on their body’s natural movement and individual style 

  • Show sensitivity to and connection with other dancers 

  • Demonstrate presence born of confidence in body and mind 

  • Use of a range of dynamics to physicalize music and/or express the dance idea 

  • Demonstrate an ability to respond creatively to stimuli and express ideas through movement 

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Horton Technique

Horton technique is one of the staple modern dance techniques practiced today. It is dynamic and dramatic, develops both strength and flexibility, and works with an energy that is constantly in motion. The primary focus of many beginner-level Horton studies is creating length in the spine and hamstrings. There is also an emphasis throughout all levels on developing musicality and performance qualities. As students progress, exercises become longer and more complex.

We strongly recommend Horton training for any student considering pursuing dance at a post-secondary or professional level.

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Floor Work

Urban Floor Work is a new-wave form of dance that is used by professional contemporary dance companies around the world. Our Urban Floor Work program focuses on the connection between the dancer and the floor by finding new and innovative ways to transfer weight and transition movements through different planes of space. Dancers will gain physical strength and stamina, and a deeper understanding of their own movement which will inform their training and experience in other styles of dance. Movement phrases will consist of weight bearing exercises, use of travel, playing with momentum and imbalance and partner work. We strongly encourage this program for dancers looking to study at a post-secondary and/or professional level.

This program is also an excellent bridge between hip hop and contemporary or for those interested in developing a broader skill set for Breaking.

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Art & Composition

For ages 11 and up, our Art & Composition classes will explore the connection between art and movement. Utilizing a variety of creation based activities such as guided improvisation, phrase play, visual art projects and music creation, students will work to create their own works of choreography and start to establish their own creative process.


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Contemporary Jazz

For ages 5 and up, our Contemporary Jazz Dance Program is a blend of traditional, contemporary and commercial style Jazz. Our program provides an opportunity for students to be expressive to a range of musical styles including traditional jazz tunes, electronic and dance beats as well as contemporary pop music. Classes focus on building technique, strength and stamina, as well as learning and creating choreographed dances. All Contemporary Jazz classes provide an element of composition to encourage self-expression and artistic development.

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Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes focus on the fundamentals of Hip Hop dancing. Students will learn the history along with the various techniques and elements such as popping, locking and breakdance through a number of different activities, structures and choreographed combinations within the class.

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break dancer

Breaking Sessions

Open to ages 12 and up, our breaking program provides students with an opportunity to explore traditional, and foundational breaking techniques. Students will experience a variety of rhythm and movement structures through the lens of hip hop music and culture. Sessions will be structured to encourage students to develop the skills and confidence for freestyle improv and choreography. Students will also have the option to participate in the Atlantic Breaking Alliance battle circuit. 

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ballet dancer


CDA's Lyrical classes focus on the Lyrical style of Contemporary dance, created by merging many different styles including Ballet and Jazz. Lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, on individual approach and expressiveness of the dancer's movements

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CDA’s Acro Program follows the Acrobatic Arts curriculum and introduces students to the building blocks of acrobatic technique in an appropriately paced and safe environment with skilled, qualified instructors. Classes will focus on building strength, flexibility and establishing proper technique through a mix of group and one-on-one coaching to ensure each student can progress at a pace that is appropriate for their level of ability. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Acrobatic Arts exams.

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tap shoes


CDA's Tap program includes classes based in Musical Theatre style and Commercial style Tap. Students will learn the basics of Tap technique and build up to complex rhythms and combinations. Our Tap classes are high energy and full of fun! For ages 9 and up.

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Dance Class

Teen Beginner Classes

New to dance? We've got classes for you! Our Teen Intro Classes are perfect for teen beginners and don't worry - you won't be placed with small kiddos! All classes are for ages 13 and up and will focus on building strength, technique and artistic expression in a safe, inclusive and encouraging learning environment.

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Adaptive Dance

Taught by senior CDA faculty member, Katie MacFarlane, our Adaptive Dance Program provides welcoming and supportive opportunities for all bodies and abilities ages 5–Adult. Our goal is to provide a space for participants to experience the joy of dance while nurturing confidence and encouraging increased body awareness, coordination, and strength. Miss Katie has extensive experience working with children and adults of varying needs and abilities and recently completed the Adaptive Dance Teacher Training Program with the Boston Ballet. Classes will also incorporate the Creative Years syllabus from Rambert Grades which is specifically designed for all ages and abilities.

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adult dance student on stage

Adult Dance & Fitness

CDA's Adult Dance & Fitness Program is perfect for the adult dancer of any level. Whether you've never stepped foot in a dance studio or your returning to a passion from your past, we have something for you! All of our classes are taught by members of our faculty who take great care and pride in ensuring that your dance experience is tailored to your needs and goals.


In-Studio Training with CVG Fitness

Book one-on-one or group training sessions with CDA faculty member and personal trainer, Chris Van Green of CVG Fitness. Sessions are tailored to the individual with a focus on improving stamina, strength and core development. These sessions are an excellent supplement and cross-training option for dancers ages 13+ including special sessions designed specifically for adult dancers.

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